Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bella’s Week

Things are going well.  The doctor on Monday said to try and increase her time off the vent if she could tolerate it  - and she has.  She is doing fantastic.  Our goal right now is 3 hours off a day.

Some holding shoots:

feb 13 003 feb 13 061

Some therapy shoots: 

feb 13 028 feb 13 029

feb 13 031

Just hangin out shoots:

  feb 13 071 feb 14 001

And then Valentine’s : feb 14 002 feb 14 010 I love this picture!  It is so good of her beautiful skin!  I thought she could try a taste of the candy ring she got from Grandma, but no, she wasn’t interested.  It made me chuckle and remember her biological sister’s reaction to candy.  One day in the NICU, her family was visiting.  One of the nurses took Bella’s sister with her to the vending machine.  Let’s face it, a NICU is not that exciting for a 3 year old.  When she came back, she had this horrified look on her face and she told her mother that the nurse had bought chemicals (said with the most disgusted tone you can imagine).  Bella’s mother likes healthy, natural food – and candy is not on that list.  :)  So today I smiled at you Bella because you reminded me of your family.  They would have been so proud!  :) 


Lacey said...

Lookin good as always! It excites me because I know my baby girl is going to have lots of dark hair like her! What fun for me! Do you have all girls?

mommapainter said...

Bella you are beautiful. Just like your big sisters. I'm glad it has been a good week. Maybe later candy will be more appealing.

Suzie said...

Great Pictures!