Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The First Half of June

Bella got sick on June 1st, and she is still fighting it.   Ugh.  Seriously makes me worried about the idea of decannulation.  Everyone else had this bug for one day.  Breathe. 

A couple of pictures from two weeks:

Reading books….she’ll finish one and then turn around to grab another one, love it.

Big sister helping me out.  We have been having a lot of call outs, and with Bella sick….sister was a big help!

June 17 243June 17 266

Allowing sister to kiss her hand

June 17 259June 17 260

Special visitors ….The Aubles stopped by            Sleeping

June 17 268June 17 281

Hanging in there                                How she adores her brother!

June 17 308June 17 274

Going through her clothes, we found her hat!  She was delighted!  More brother loving!

June 17 349June 17 361

She is finally getting better.  We are seeing less and less need for constant ventilation.  The blood in her secretions is decreasing.  I’m hoping she’ll be close to healthy by Tuesday.  We go in for a T&A (tonsils and adenoids) on Tuesday morning bright and early.  So hoping we won’t be admitted.


Heather said...

Decannulation will happen when sweet Bella lets you all know it is time. she has always set the tempo and as she rolls so do the rest of you.

The older ones are such a gift when an extra set of eyes and hands are needed and as much as I have always tried to make sure that I never over burden them, there are some moments, that I just could not have done all that we have done, without them. and you know, in the end, I know, that the gift of zoey, despite all that she has brought with her, the gifts have far outweighed any perceived negative.

Baby brother is darling and the rest of your crew, looking happy and beautiful as always.

Praying for Bella on Tuesday and beyond.

Lacey said...

Praying for Tuesday! I would say an admit is certain, but with a g tube for liquid, that makes life much easier! She is doing really great, but don't let them push you to decannulation until you are ready and you feel Bella is ready!