Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bell’s Week

We started the week off with a trip downtown to GI.  We have a  plan to get rid of nighttime feeds – so feeds four times a day.  I am so impressed!  How far you have come baby girl!

She is experimenting with her new chair – she is learning to maneuver it.  She likes to run into people and put her feet on the brakes!  Crazy girl!


IMG_0268She just wasn’t interested in PT this week.  We are finally checking out a new orthopedist this month.  We’ll see what he says.






The youngest five hanging out


Because I love this picture!


Back to school                                           “Helping” sister play her piano



Heather said...

Love this child.Look at her continuing to take on the world.

I sure wish zoey could use that little left arm of hers and move her chair. I know she would, if only she could. Makes me sad sometimes but then I remember, she is on the slow and steady plan and maybe, just maybe she will show us all.

Love to your crew.

R said...

She looks fabulous!

Look into blended (blenderized) diet for feeds - I've seen some amazing progress in kids moving towards a much more natural eating pattern having blenderized diet by g-tube. Makes a LOT of sense.

Heather - there are manual wheelchairs designed for people who are hemiplegic or who have survived strokes, where pushing the wheel with the 'working' hand will also turn the wheel on the other side... of course many people who use this sort of chair at home will use a powerchair for longer distances as it's fairly hard work if you're not on a very smooth surface... but that's not such a big concern for a little kid still in school.