Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Ortho

Home from seeing the new ortho.  Excited about him.  He introduced himself by his first name.  Always love that in a doctor.  He talked to me, not at me.  He examined Bella.  He was really good with her.  He has a different approach than the last ortho.  He wants to do this in stages.  First, correct the bone alignment.  After she has recovered from that then we’ll work on the soft tissue.  He warned me a couple of times that her extra chromosome makes all of her tissues stretchy – laxity is a big problem we have.  He can’t guarantee that this will work, but I felt good about him and about what he was saying.  He wants to look at the x-rays and think some more and then call me back with the final plan.  I love that he is investing his time into this.  I showed him how she “walks.”  He watched her and he said, “She wants to walk.”  Yes!  That is what I have been looking for in a doctor!  Someone who took the time to see Bella and see what she wants.  I am not some crazed special needs Mom that wants her child to be normal.  No, I want Bella to be what Bella can be and what Bella wants to be!  I feel like this doctor was more realistic and admitted that a wheelchair may always be in my house.  But I feel like we can take her to the next level with this guy.  And he’s local - a plus for all of our follow up care!  I have a feeling, though, that if we correct Bella’s anatomy, she will blow us away, as she always does!

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