Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bella’s Week

Bella saw GI on Monday.  We are starting to intensely work on feeding!  So exciting!  Then as I was leaving TCH, her G button popped out for the millionth time (been happening a lot lately).  I looked and realized the balloon  has busted.  Two thoughts go through my head: 1. I’m here.  I could go down to the ER and get it replaced.  2. I have one at home.  I can use that one.  I listen to thought two and come home.  That is when I learned that for some crazy reason I had stored an empty box.  I did not in fact have a spare button.  Awesome!  I taped her busted button in place.  We went and picked up her sister from school and decided to try out the hospital in the Woodlands rather than drive all the way back downtown.  We made it home at 8PM with a new g-button.  Long day.

Bella in Dr Barlow’s office    Listening to Jessi’s music while waiting in the ER.


Poor Bell – she still gets upset so easily.  Sweet sister comforting her.IMG_4320

Music therapy – she’s rather flexible :)


Feeding started in earnest!  She no longer gets her 7AM feed, so after all night plus no 7AM feed, she should be good and hungry for breakfast.  Tuesday was a great eating day!  Breakfast – great!  Lunch – great!  Then feeds for 3 and 7PM.  Way to go Bella!!


Silly pictures of Bell


More therapies


Helping sister brush her hair   “Helping” sister with the computer


She doesn’t want to use her hands anymore.  We insisted and had many, many tantrums.  But her smile at the bottom of the slide was beautiful!


Spending time outside


Exploring – I just love watching her



This box – ha!  I find that I am buying some weird stuff.  Anything to get Bella to eat.  The girl loves to dip.  OK.  We’ll try fish sticks (ick, but if it’s a stepping stone, so be it).  I showed her the box.  I told her she could have one after we paid for it.  OK.  I got distracted with paying and bagging.  We get to the van and I started the seat belting process.  That is when I saw it.  Bella had found the box of frozen fish sticks.  With those tiny little fingers, she had worked it open and she was eating one.  She was half way through that frozen stick!  I didn’t know what to say, except to think that I had told her she could have one after we paid for them!  :)  Crazy, crazy girl!  Guess the feeding is going better than I expected!

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