Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bella’s Week

Bella had pre-op downtown for her knee surgery that’s coming up.  So exciting that we are starting down the road that may ultimately lead to walking!    She loves to dress up!

IMG_1625    IMG_5365

Trying new food                     Singing with sister

IMG_5375 IMG_5380

At the park

IMG_5382 IMG_5407

Talking during therapy             Showing off her glow stick bracelet

IMG_5412 IMG_5424

Love this!  A blanket from her Grandmas!!  Grannie Annie, Bella’s biological Grandmother sent the fabric and Grandma Ball finished it for her!!  She sleeps on the pillow Grandma Turpin made her.  She is surrounded by Grandmotherly love!


So proud of my girl!  We went to a viewing at a funeral home.  Unfortunately there were a lot of smokers there.  The funeral director cleared out the entrance.  We waited a bit for the smoke to clear and then brought Bella in.  There was a little of that residual smoke odor that clings to people.  We kept her away from everyone.  But she did it!  A year ago she was on oxygen with that amount of residual smoke.  She is doing so much better!  She did fine.  She didn’t desat.  Way to go my miracle girl!   (that’s a pink wafer cookie in her hand.  She alternated between sucking on it and using it like a phone)                                 Afterwards, playing with her cousin.


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Donna Leavitt said...

Thanks again for coming to grandma's viewing. I am glad Bella was able to stay healthy and strong, even around smoke. She amazes me!