Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bella’s Week



This series – Bella wants to jump so badly.  But you have to have working knees to jump!  She was giggling so loudly during this!


IMG_2074Joy had an appointment downtown.  I had to bring all of the little kids with me.  It was traumatic for Bella.  I must have told her a million times that this was Joy’s turn and no one was going to touch her.  She absolutely refused to go into the weighing and measuring room.  She literally put on the brakes on her wheelchair.  My poor baby!  She has had so much done to her.  I am sorry my sweet girl!  The only way I could get her over the hysterics was giving her my phone and letting her watch this video over and over again (thank you Miss Rosie for doing some crazy things in therapy some times – they help us get through the yucky times!)

Saturday we went to the amazing Baytown Special Rodeo.  Everything is set up for children with special needs.  It was incredible!  Everything was free.  Everyone was super kind and went out of their way to make it a truly special experience for the kids.  We will be back next year!!


Signing “goat,” but not touching :)                                     The fire truck


Taking a break to sign a Signing Time song.          In the saddle           Picking a tattoo she wouldn’t allow them to put on her :)


Watching and dancing to the music                     Awesome Rodeo clown!


Howdy partner!       She went in the bouncy house with sissy!


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