Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bella’s Fortnight

IMG_2333How can I not love Bella’s teachers?  Bella loves going to school.  Monday was Parent Teacher Conference.  So sweet.  Her teacher said that Bella lights up the room.  Ahh…yes, this Mama will listen to that all day.  She is finally starting to work with her teacher on her IEP goals.  She has given her 21 out of the 26 letters.  We are setting new goals as we approach her next ARD on the 28th.





The big girls babysat while I was at Parent Teacher Conference.  The little girls had a great time!


Bella, my lover of music!


The girls got invited to a gymnastic birthday party.  It was Bella’s first birthday party!

She loved it!  The cupcake, though…..


Thursday Bella went to see her orthopedic surgeon.  Her leg is straightening out!!  We have had a 7 degree improvement!  There are still years ahead of us, but what great news!

Bella’s energy levels are way off since her surgery in July.  She is content to lay around on the floor all the time.  It’s weird.  And she has started asking to stay in her chair at school rather than crawling around (or cruising like she did before her surgery).  Have to watch it.

It was actually a little chilly here, so into a jacket she went.  Some days she looks so big to me.  I’m glad she still is little enough for me to hold her.


Because we are Kickstarter Backers of Rachel and the Treeschoolers, we got a sneak peek at the newest episodes.  This was their reaction to episode 2.

Therapy shots – working on eating once a week now.  We’ll get this babe!  One day she will be able to jump.  That will be a great day!



Donna Leavitt said...

I love her smile in the picture where she is eating.

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