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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Usually these appointments go well.  Our doctor is a very upbeat man.  He is the head of the lung transplant team, so really in comparison, our lung issues are minor.  Our lungs work (mostly) after all!  My concerns are usually smoothed over and all is right in the world again.  Not so much this time.  This last hospital stay with our almost intubation and our pulmonary hypertension excitement was our first really big scare since decannulation.  Sure we have had pneunomias, but she recovers.  He told me that this PH component will most likely be the norm whenever she gets a serious virus.  She'll look fine when she's well, but when she's sick, it'll act up and can be serious.  Strong words from this doc. Then he added that as she ages, it'll get worse.  What?  We had been so focused on getting her better.  And she is doing awesome.  I thought this was pretty much off my radar.  Oh no.  I guess PH is our friend for life.

Then we got to wait around for three hours to have a repeat ECHO.  They want to know if the PH has gone down or not.  Well, Bella is feeling better.  So she fought tooth and nail.  To the point we don't get to have ECHOs anymore.  Not the normal way.  She is too old for sedation, so the only way they will do it is to do it under general Anesthesia.  Really?  Sigh!

So kinda of a double whammy today.  The appointment that was supposed to be no big deal, kinda was.  And the standard test was rejected.  Bella is just keeping it interesting!!

Meanwhile to offset some of that yuckiness, Miss Bella and her cuteness:

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