Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Three Weeks of Bella

School work – how I’m freaking out about school being done!  We loved her class and her teachers!  Bella drove her sisters crazy by wanting to sit on Joy’s birthday balloons.  They were determined they would pop, but the girl doesn’t weigh anything.  She had fun!


Last Day of School – so sad!  We have been so very blessed to have such a wonderful class with such fantastic teachers.  The bar has been set very high for al of her future educational opportunities! The parents got together and made this tray and bags with the kids handprints for their teachers.


So, so grateful Bella got to be in this class!


They had an ice cream sundae and lunch.


Thank you Ms. Abby, Ms. Hernandez, and Ms. Hope!

Last day of school family picture!


Dancing with Daddy


Family Reunion at the Farm – she really wanted to play Foos Ball


Flying with Daddy


Happy to be Bella!


Father’s Day!!


Aunt Cyndi and family were in town!  We meet them up at The Woodlands Mall to ride the Merry Go Round.  Bella would NOT ride on any of the animals, but would sit next to me on the bench.  She loves her cousin Jacob!


Another day we went to the Aquarium with both Aunts and their families and Grandma, Mandy and Nathan.  No way was she going to touch the sting ray, but she did enjoy the Ferris Wheel – go figure!  Waiting for the train.  She’s got some strong arms!


Another showing – OT at McDonald’s    Another showing – lunch at Taco Cabana


Another showing – Speech at the Park,       Another showing – McDonald’s


Going to the eye doctor.  No, she was not this happy and cooperative.  She wanted nothing to do with the doc.  Three people to hold her down.  No wonder she hates doctors!  Her left eye is crossing and she is far sighted, so glasses here we come.  We chose mira-flex glasses because I’m sure she will rip them off her face and try to destroy them!


Cute, crazy girl!  You know something that I think is weird?  Kids see Bella out in public or at school in her wheelchair and sometimes they ask, “What’s wrong with her?”, but more often than not, I get, “What’s wrong with her neck?”  Interesting to me because I don’t see her trach scar, but kids do – all the time!

These two sillies watching Netflix in Bella’s bed.


We ended up with two adult tickets and one child ticket to the zoo.  So Big Sister, her friend, and Bella went to the zoo!


Another showing – another escape, this time to the library


Another showing – dinner out


And finally an offer!  The girls celebrated by pulling out all of the buckets and dumping them on the floor.  It was so funny – they kept looking at me like, can we do this?  Are we going to get in trouble?


We went out to see How to Tame Your Dragon 2.  It was a special needs showing.   Bella’s teacher, Miss Abby, came along with four friends from her class.  So fun to see everyone there! (Brother looks like he’s falling out of the Bella’s wheelchair, but he is belted, just checking out the wheel.)


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