Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Friday, November 19, 2010

ENT Visit

The doctor didn’t feel that Bella’s adenoids or tonsils needed to be removed at this time.  He did want to go in under anesthesia and clean out her ear canals and possibly place tubes, if she needs them.  I’m not sure anyone has actually seen her ear drums because of those teeny, tiny Down syndrome ear canals – not that everyone hasn’t tried.  While she is under, pulmonology is going to do a DL&B or direct laryngoscopy bronchoscopy.  We are still working to schedule that because we have to get two doctors together in the same room at the same time – fun.  The doctor is hoping for some answers to why her lungs require so much assistance.  We’ll see.

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