Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Field Week

That is what Lizzy said about Bella’s week.  She didn’t just have a field trip; she had a field week!  On Wednesday we went to the dentist – she has some teeth that haven’t erupted which is normal for DS and she has the normal mouth of a kid that is G tube feed – lots of plaque, but no cavities.  He said he will have to sedate her and blast it all off, but he wants to wait a while to do that.  Fine in my book.

march 20 006

My Bella Boo loves to swing.  Loves, loves, loves it!  She will pitch a fit if she isn’t done and you try to take her inside.  Sorry your highness.  I am including a couple of videos below.  She is signing swing now – it’s not the normal “swing” sign, but it’s what her hands can do.  I love it!  I love that she is communicating!  A few months ago her therapist and I were talking about using pictures for her to communicate.  We don’t need to.  She is starting to sign and even make some vocalizations, although I am still anxiously awaiting the coveted “mama!”


The butt scoot is the technical term our PT uses to describe how she gets around.  We don’t use that term at our house, so the girls call it the bottom scoot.  She is so funny.  There isn’t much she can’t get into these days!  Yeah for you Bell.


IMG_1903IMG_1900Lizzy told me that she loves Bella so much – she wants to adopt a baby like her when she grows up!  Sounds like a great plan to me Lizzy!  If you can see it, Bella curls her little feet around the girls' bodies to hold on tight when they carry her.



Bella has had the best week, so we were brave and took her to Brenham.  It was so much fun!  We played at a wonderful park and then went and had Blue Bell Ice Cream.


Even after that big expedition, she had a great night.  So we took her to church!  That was her third time.  If she keeps this up, I might actually start believing the doctors about decanulating next summer. 

You are amazing Bell!  We love you!

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Junior said...

oh I love, love, love the pics and video of Bella swinging. Way to go Bella.