Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Glad that week is over

Sweet, crazy girl.  Allergies?  Growing?  Aspirating?  Who knows.  At least we made it through the week at home.  It was one of those weeks that I think I should call the doctor, but then I think what are they going to do that we aren’t already doing?  With all the meds she has, plus all the PRNs we threw at her, I think we have all of our bases covered. 

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Anyway, we survived and we are grateful that week is over.  I am hoping for a great week this week.

I have been wondering about vacation.  We had thought that to protect Bella and keep her in one environment that we could keep clean, we might rent an RV and go somewhere.  But then I went on an overnight camp out with our young women from church and realized that plan won’t work.  Where do RVs park?  Campgrounds.  What is wrong with campgrounds?  Smoke.  Lots of smoke.  So there goes that plan. 

And then there is the stimulation issue.  Bella gets over stimmed so easily.  If she’s tired, if we laugh too much, a lot of things set her off.

Have to keep thinking………….somewhere away from a lot of people and noise and nothing to upset the lungs - Cause we want to have fun!!


Heather said...

Sorry the week has been difficult and we sure hope the upcoming one is filled with better things for Miss Bella.

Wish I had an idea on a vacation place.Seems like there has got to be an answer that would work for your little love.

Bot do I understand the stimulation issue ... just now,our 7 year old decided to do this high pitch screaming thing while playing a a game and it just about set gave our poor girl a heart attack!

Lacey said...

I'm beginning to wonder if Jax has allergies. We can't get rid of this junk, even with Tobi. The boys are having severe asthma and allergy problems right now. We are getting rid of our cats, hoping that helps a little. Urgh!