Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Mighty Warrior (Wonder)

In the not so distant past, in a land near the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, was born a beautiful and mighty warrior.  To her birth she brought a whole lot of extra fluid, a few holes in her heart, an extra chromosome, and a triple dose of determination, drive, and the will to live.  She determined that each and every day was a battle worthy of her fullest and best effort.  She placed that motto firmly in her mind and began.   She faced death – and conquered.  She meet and charmed everyone she meet.  They sensed inside that little warrior her unquenchable spirit.  She faced down death again – and came off victoriously once again.  She patiently waited as her naysayers listed the things she couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to do – and with patience and perseverance, she started erasing items from their list.  She is the warrior, determined every day.


Bella amazes people that work with her.  “She is a pistol.”  “She is feisty.”  “She is a fighter.”  Yes, I smile, yes she is.  I smile when it takes me and three other grown adults to hold her down for monthly blood draws. (I also cringe – I hate that we have to do this to her.)   It’s that fight, that drive that keeps her going.  It’s that drive that has enable her to make it to this point.  To my Bella warrior!  The definition of perseverance!



Heather said...

A feisty, fighter, warrior girl ... just the kind of girl I love!!

Lacey said...

Missed a few posts because i was wallowing in my own fragile child pity!
I remember thinking too that Jax would be healthy and fine when his heart was fixed. Now, almost 6 years later his cardiovascular system is worse than pre heart surgery! And so are his lungs!
I googled hydrops too once after a friend lost her son to it. It is indeed nasty. Do you know what kind of support she required at birth? And you said she was at CHOC? I know they have a good NICU, but the rest of the hospital is just not good for Jax complicated history!