Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bella’s Week

Things are good here.  We are still pushing Bella to see what she can do and she is soaring!  Oxygen only occasionally, vent during sleeping and only occasionally while awake.  Wahoo!

Cuddles and outside time – sliding, jumping and playing with brother

may 13 008may 13 010may 13 021

may 13 024may 13 026may 13 030

Playing on the Wii with sisters.  You can’t see it because I didn’t take video, but she was jumping and dancing to the beat.

may 13 037may 13 038

Music therapy

may 13 053may 13 054

Being cute!                                                               Playing piano

may 13 059may 13 074

Dancing with Jessi – if you stop, she’ll grab your fingers and have you start again!

Making Mat Man in OT.  She was saying a couple of the words!  We are all so curious if she will start vocalizing once she is capped and then decannulated.

may 13 078may 13 084

When Bella won’t sleep for me, she will always go to sleep for Daddy!  How thankful I am for him – especially after long days! He is so tired in that picture.             Another Bella first – a bath in the tub.  Normally the nurses and I just bathe her in the sink.  She is tiny and still fits.  But we are thinking in a forward direction these days, so I plopped her in the tub with her sister, being careful of her trach for course.  Fun!

  may 13 103may 13 108

Now that I have accepted that decannulation is in our future, I want it.  Our next steps are capping during the day and staying off the vent while sleeping.  So I tried a small nap this afternoon.  Stats of 97, Heart rate from 67 to 119.  Pretty impressive little one!

May 13 114


Heather said...

I actually almost cried at this post. Seeing Bella, finding her way, after all this time, from that fragile little baby to this incredible,blossoming toddler, is simply amazing. Slow and steady has served both our girls well.

Love to you all and ... may be going to Houston in August... I will stalk you, even if it means I have to drive hours!!

Anonymous said...

I have followed Bella on your blog for quite a while and I don't think I've ever commented. I am so thrilled to see how far she has come, it will be so exciting to see her playing one day without any tubes or wires. She is lovely. And it is so encouraging to see that all of your family's struggles have not stopped you from pursuing another sweet baby. Thank you for sharing with us.