Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bella’s life

Waiting for her sedated ABR.   She did really well.  I had all of her vent equipment, but I chose not to use it.  I had to put her on oxygen and her blood pressure got pretty low, but she really did do well.  It was the final thing that showed me that she is ready for decannulation.  We are going forward.  September 26th is the day!  And her hearing?  Just a mild loss.  Yeah!

sept 11 003sept 11 004

Let’s see….playing the piano.  She HATES to be put places in space that are high – so usually the piano bench causes intense panic.  Not this time, so we had to get a quick picture!

Then a great picture of our girl.  She is doing better.  She wants to go and be with the family.  We went to the park and she got to go.  She was thrilled!

sept 16 005IMG_0684IMG_0713

For 9/11 her teacher brought a flag to paint.  It was supposed to be a sensory experience – didn’t happen, but she did paint.  Hand over hand, but it happened!

Cuddle time with Jessi and brother


Playing with Joy.  This playing thing is happening more and more.  When we adopted Bella, before everyone realized how sick she was, I wanted so badly for the girls to have each other – to be friends and playmates.  And slowly, slowly I am seeing it unfold in front of my eyes.  :)IMG_0785IMG_0807

Music therapy- happy days!                     Being goofy!


So excited about this – as I start to allow myself to envision the future, I wanted to find a way to keep her mobile during feedings.  Two hours of sitting still just isn’t happening, so we got an infinity pump and it’s backpack.  Now if we can just teach her to keep it on!


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Kelly said...

That backpack is still pretty big on Bella. Can you ask the doc or DME to get you the super small on that just fits the pump and the 500ml bag? They work perfect on kiddos Bellas size! I bet she would wear it too because there isnt any slack in the straps.