Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bella’s Week

Since school has started, Music Therapy is back!  So exciting!  Tuesdays are our happy days again!IMG_0638IMG_0639IMG_0640

Playing with brother and his light box (thank you again Heather!)


Bella and her brother – how she adores him!

Bella has started to kiss her brother.  This is huge!  She really doesn’t know how to kiss and has never kissed any of us.  But Alex is different.  She adores him – she leans her face in, touches his face with hers, and makes a sound.  Adorable and too funny! 

Along with adoring him comes the desire to sit on him.  “Bella, don’t sit on your brother!”  Who thought I would ever have to say that?  :)  (excuse the feeding tube in the middle of the picture!)


OT – in the swing!  She will overcome her fear of gravity for the ipad, so we use it! 

The three littles    and Miss Jane bouncing Bella and Joy on the trampoline


Decisions, decisions, decisions….Bella is doing so well. All of us are so impressed.  She got a small dose of the stomach bug going around our family and had to jump on cpap one night.  But that was it.  Other than some oxygen, she has been great!  I really need a respiratory bug to come through Houston soon so I can know for 100% certainty.  We are scheduled for September 26th.  I am excited and terrified.


Heather said...

Oh sweet Bella, how I love to see your smile and your slow and steady progress that continues to instill in me the knowledge, that our children will find their way. Zoey included. although her slow and steady rate is just SO slow and steady!!

You are welcome. Again. Love to see it in use.

And two things. Zoey and I might just be blowing through Houston in the next several weeks. Not a virus, but better I think ... won't that just be amazing if we can connect?

Also, years ago, probably almost 4, I clicked on a blog of this precious little loves decannulation. I wept. It was one of the this most beautiful things I had ever see. Really. And, the song "Little Wonders" was playing on their blog. Of all things. I have stayed close to this family ever since. Their girl just one of the most inspiring children i have ever "met".

Bella is going to rock this. I know she is.

Cammie Heflin said...

She is sooo amazing!!! Love her infections smiles :)