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Monday, February 25, 2013

Scottish Rite

Jason, Bella, and I took off Sunday afternoon for Dallas.

Four hours in a car seat  and she was ready to play.  No harm came to this Denny’s  - we did clean it up.  Just a cute girl pretending to call everyone on the phone at the hotel (who gave us a special Scottish Rite discounted rate – thank you Marriott!)

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Bright and early in the morning, we headed over.  Loved the free and ample parking!  Everyone was so nice, from the receptionists to the nurses to the radiology techs!  Our NPN was great with Bella.  She did a thorough exam, listened to me, and talked to Bella – and Bella didn’t cry once!  Yeah!  The doctor walked in and could immediately tell me all about the three types of problems kids with Down syndrome have with their patellas.  She, of course, has the most complicated one.  He wants to do surgery to attach that patella.  She should be able to walk(!!!!!!!) after she recovers.  She’ll be in a cast for six weeks and then she’ll have her rehab time.  But from an anatomy standpoint, she should be able to walk!  So excited!  We meet with one of the anesthesiologists.  We signed all the releases so they could get her cardiac, pulmonology, endocrine, and GI clearances for surgery.  We just have to meet with one more doctor and then we can schedule the surgery. 

I was impressed with how unrushed everyone was.  They took their time with us.  The doctor knew the specialist that we had been referred to up in Seattle.  They worked together in Boston.  He felt that Scottish Rite could treat her and we wouldn’t have to make any trips out of state –yeah!  They said the minimum stay would be four days (my hospital PTSD kicked in at this point).  But four days in exchange for Bella’s ability to walk is a very small price to pay!!  We are so excited for what this could be for Bella’s future!

A 30 second video Jason caught of us.  I thought he was taking a picture!  :)

Update - Have to add in case anyone is coming to our blog seeking an opinion about Scottish Rite hospital that I will no longer be recommending their services.  

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