Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bella’s Week

All of this stomping our feet has had a great benefit.  She was willing to sit in Joy’s tomato chair.  She is so gravitationally defensive!  She freaks out just to sit in a chair at the table.  So putting her in the chair and playing this game was helping her work on that fear.  Awesome!  All of this hard chair sitting also has another objective – to strengthen those muscles.  See the second picture?  She is at the doctor again, sorry Bella.  (It was just endocrine, she’s fine)  See how she’s slumping forward?  We have to strengthen those muscles to get her to sit upright.  Sitting in a hard chair without a lot of support (what she usually has) is excellent therapy for that!


Bella cuddling with her Daddy


Loved watching Bella trying to eat some of the chocolate milkshake  She was a mess, but she got some in her mouth!  So impressed with her trying to eat!


This one was great!  We were reading scriptures and Bella crawled over to the table, stood up (holding on to the table), cruised a little(!!!) to get to the side of the table with the books, got a book, scooted back over to us, and sat down to read.  A lot of effort, but I was so pleased!

Seeing if we can’t entice her into using Brother’s walker.  She needs so much support when she walks – that left leg just can’t support her weight, but she just doesn’t like walkers.  We got about four steps out of her.  PT doesn’t understand why she won’t use them.  She could get everywhere.  But she does go everywhere – she scoots or she has started crawling again.  This girl knows her body.  When she’s ready she’ll use it and not a second before!


We went to a Hydrocephalus Walk for Brother. 


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Heather said...

There it is again. That slow and steady way of finding her way through this life.

I wish so much that we could one day get out girls together. I think they would get along swimmingly. Two little feisty and determined girls, meeting their challenges in their own time. Teaching us along the way, to not sweat the small stuff.

She'll get there. Where ever "there" is. Because honestly, just being here has been a feat in and of itself.

Hope your college girl is doing well. Much love from California.