Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Up and down.  This has been Bella’s O2 requirements.   Everything from HMEs to 3Liters.   She will be great, then terrible.  The theory is her heart is not moving the fluid around in her body appropriately.  So it is backing up into her lungs and then into her body tissues and back and forth.

We are on gentimician.  Today they started Lasix (on top of the other 2 diuretics).  Sounds like we need to visit with our friendly neighborhood cardiologist again.  For those in the know, yes, there is a drug response between Gent and Lasix.  Yes, it does cause hearing loss.  Yes, she does have mild hearing loss as a result of her past usage.  But I’d rather have a living baby with a hearing aid than the alternative.  :)

Her liver panel is due today.  Fortunately, we talked them into letting our home RN do the blood draw.  I’ll drop it off at LabCorp tomorrow AM.  One less trip for Bella to make.

Some cute pics:

nov 16 004 nov 16 005 nov 16 023 nov 16 027


Lacey said...

My sweet Bella. Lets hope cardio has something productive to say. Ours here never do. Its never the heart to them.

mommapainter said...

What incredible machines our bodies are. Hopefully the Cardioligist will be the one to get your machine running better. I love the pictures! Too cute.

Unknown said...

She's precious. Hope it all comes back good!!!