Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I love Spring, but Spring does not love Bella!

Poor sweet Bell!  She has been on oxygen and xopenex all week just trying so hard to keep those sats up! But we are home – and any day at home is a good day!

This is the culprit!  Pollen. This is our driveway – icky!March 21 128 But she smiles through it all.  Love ya babe!March 21 130march 21 134 She is growing up.  She wants to sit up.  She tries so hard.  That is our one year goal for PT  - sitting.  The trunk control is coming.  Bell, you amaze me.  Every day and every little thing is a struggle and you give it your all.  Thank you for coming to me and teaching me every day to try my best at everything.  Love ya babe!

march 21 135 march 21 136

Becca dressed Bella in a matching hoodie – she just needs to grow a little :)  It is very good at hiding all of her tubes :)


Lacey said...

True true true, any day at home is a good day! I think allergies are kicking butt here too. Yucky stuff!

Angi said...

Haven't had a chance to pop over and check out your little Bella lately!! Boy she looks like she is doing well!!! What a little love she is, so adorable!!

Heather said...

Allergies are everywhere.Crazy here in California.Sorry Miss Bella is struggling but I know she will push through it ... she always does!