Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Morgan’s Wonderland

We went to Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio.  I highly recommend it!  It was wonderful.  We have only taken Bella out in public a couple of times and we get one of two reactions – the open stare or the “I’m going to ignore you and pretend you aren’t there” look.  But at Morgan’s Wonderland, neither of those things happened.  Bella was just Bella.  People talked to her, and not in that condescending voice, but actually talked to her and us.  My sister and I were talking about it and she said that there it’s like these wonderful children are actually celebrated.  It has been so well thought out.  Bella could do anything in her wheelchair that anyone else could do.  She rode the carousel.  She rode on the off road adventure.  We all had a wonderful time!  Yeah for Morgan’s Wonderland!

 IMG_5524 IMG_5528 IMG_5534  IMG_5570 IMG_5642 IMG_5648 IMG_5692 IMG_5741  IMG_5831 IMG_5839


Junior said...

looks like she had a wonderful time. I have been hearing so much about Morgan's Wonderland and hope to bring Junior one of these days.

Becca said...

So glad you all had such a good time! I have heard a lot about Morgan's Wonderland, too. It sounds fabulous. Bella's a beauty! I just found your blog today (can't remember through who, though)!

Anonymous said...

I stubbled upon your blog by mistache because my name is Arabella Morgan! Bella is beautiful and very lucky to have such a loving and caring family. Your blog and photos are lovely. Take care I will be keeping up with your news.

Best Regards,