Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Big Girl Bed

We ordered Bella a Sleep Safe Bed and it arrived today!  Wow – it’s big!  This bed will last her for years and years.  I am so grateful for it.  This morning she demonstrated to me once again that she cannot be laid flat – her aspiration risk is just too great.  I gave her three meds and flushed it while she was sitting up.  She started retching.  I looked and sure enough there was liquid in her mouth.  How it gets all the way from her small intestine to her mouth astonishes me – that’s the wrong direction.  I am grateful for this bed to keep her in that wonderful 33 degree angle.

Building the bed:

IMG_6547 IMG_6549 IMG_6552


Playing around in the bed.  That is my 14 and 11 year olds laying in there with Bella watching TV.  She definitely has some growing room!  :)


IMG_6558 Bella and two other sisters



Lacey said...

sweet! Maybe I should get on ordering one for Jax. Does it have a height adjustment so we don't break our backs leaning over the side to pick them up?

Stephanie said...

Lacey! Yes- they do! They started making them about a month after we got Christopher's bed.

Soooo glad Bella has one now! Aren't they great? We didn't have the option for the bumper pads on ours - nice!

Lacey - here is the site We have the Sleepsafer with the two sets of panels. They also have full sized now - Christopher's is twin, but it is PLENTY of room.

Steph and CHristopher

Heather said...

So happy to see Bella smiling and happy.Just darling as ever and the last post ... love the hair.We are wild hair fans here for sure!!

And the bed,really will need to look into that for Zoey before too long.does insurance or medicaid help out with that?Super expensive i hear.

love from California.

valerie said...

I really do miss Bella,will always pray for her to have a healthy life and get better,God bless her loving parent's and family.