Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Glad that week is over…

IMG_6178Bella was so miserable this week.  Her sisters have been passing around a bug.  They would have a high fever for one day and not feel well accompanied with coughing and congestion.  Bella has been sick all week.  We have thrown everything we could at her, tylenol, motrin, breathing treatments, antibiotics.  She wanted to be held and rocked all day and all night.  And to cry.  Poor thing.  Two of our regular nurses have had some personal family problems and have been unable to work.  So to sum up the week, I am tired.  I am glad that Bella is doing better.  IMG_6177Still on 2-3 liters, still doing the breathing treatments, but she no longer looks at me with those sick, sick eyes begging for me to fix it.

By Friday she could sit up in the rocking chair and nap, obviously someone is sitting right there to protect her. 

  IMG_6181By Saturday she was cool enough to wear clothes and talk to sister.


In other news, Medicaid received a copy of the orders for her to be off the vent for 12 hours a day and has decided to drastically cut our nursing hours.  One problem – we aren’t off yet.  We had a couple of good days of 9 hours, since then oxygen has become our best friend.  Oh well, hopefully we’ll figure something out.  Oh yeah and I’ve noticed that she has some edema going on in her little face, the first place I ever notice it.  I’m so hoping it’s staying OUT of her lungs.  We have a chest x-ray and ECHO on the 12th.  Hopefully the edema will have packed up and left by then.  Otherwise we’ll see what’s going on with the Cardiologist then.

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