Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Guess who we got to meet?

aug 22 002

Joy and Bella from earlier in the week.

On Wednesday, after our doctor’s appointment, we got news that two of our girls were stuck in Utah.  They had been visiting a friend.  They flew out on standby.  They had looked at the schedule and it didn’t look good for getting them home before Monday when school started.  So Jason and I made the rash decision to drive up there and get them.  We drove all night and the whole of the next day to arrive at 11:30 PM.  We crashed for a couple of hours.  We needed to turn right around and get back, but we were so close to my friend Lacey’s house.  I just had to see them!  That morning we drove across the valley and meet Jaxson!!!  They seem like such wonderful people on their blog, but blogs can be deceiving- they only show what you want people to see.  I have to tell you the Ruggs are a wonderful family.  They are the real deal.   They welcomed us and let us interrupt their morning to meet sweet Jax – and on Tanner’s birthday too!  I LOVED meeting Lacey, Jaxson, Ray, Mondo, Tanner, and Carter.  Makayla is one lucky little girl!

 aug 22 059 aug 22 066  aug 22 087 aug 22 088

Thanks Ruggs!!  Thanks Jax for the smiles and the kisses!

What about Bella during that time?  I wanted to take her with us.  I had never left her before.  But I kept seeing problems.  I didn’t have enough oxygen on hand.  Her med prep alone would have taken hours.  So in the end we left her at home with her nurses and her normal environment.  She did great!  Her nurses sent me pictures and texts.  She satted beautifully.  She was an angel.  I was so nervous.  I have never left her before, but she did great.  I am so grateful!


Cammie Heflin said...

So lucky!! I can't wait for the day that I meet up with Jax and his family!! I'd love to meet up with you guys too!

Lacey said...

We had so much fun! Now we need to come down and see Bella and Joy! It would be so cute to see Jax and Bella together, two peas in a pod! If only we had more time. Thanks for stopping by!
Oh and I'm going to steal a couple of pictures!

Heather said...

Lacey texted me right after you left.She was so thrilled to have met you guys.sorry to have missed Bella but so happy to spend time with you.

LOVE the picture with Jax giving you that beautiful smile!

Prayers for a wonderful week for your girl.And the rest of you of course!