Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Cute Girl

Our power periodically goes out.  If it stays out for more than one hour, I call Jason and he comes home and starts the generator.  I just don’t have the upper body strengthen to do it.  I am so grateful we have the generator.  The vent has a couple of batteries, but none of her other equipment does, so the generator makes me feel much safer.

IMG_6832 IMG_6833

Valerie’s official last day – Red Velvet Cake.  We miss you Valerie!

IMG_6858 IMG_6861

Hangin’ with the family

IMG_6870 IMG_6871  IMG_6874  IMG_6885 IMG_6878

We went to see GI yesterday.  She is willing to take a baby step and we are going to start giving her one med in her G tube (rather than J) once a day.  In three months, if she is tolerating that, then we’ll take another baby step.


Heather said...

Baby steps and slow and steady.Can't miss with either.

Love the pictures of your absolutely cute girl!

mandd3 said...

Just wanted to come out of hiding and say "hello". I came to your blog from Lacey's but is was back when Arabella was in the hospital and I didn't feel right jumping in just then. Your daughter is absolutly adorable and I'm glad I hopped over when I did. My son just switched from J to G feeds about 8 weeks ago but for a variety of reasons it is not going so well. I wish you very good luck with baby step number 1.

Cammie Heflin said...

That sounds great! Baby steps are good! I remember the first time we gave Addy something through her G tube over her J, I was a nervous wreck!