Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bella’s Week

How Bella is doing seems to depend on the weather.  So she is having some good days and some days that need more holding and sleeping.  We got to see our PCP this week.  She put her on two antibiotics.  One strong and short in duration.  One that she will be on for 2 weeks and off for 2 weeks until further notice.  I’m hoping that will help us get through the season.  She also got three x-rays of that troubling knee.  We’ll see.

On to the cuteness.  She has become such a ham!

dec 12 007dec 12 019dec 12 074dec 12 093

She is starting to do her version of pulling up – wonderful, exciting, and terrifying!  We have to watch her like a hawk!

dec 12 087dec 12 088

Monday is her Swallow Study.  I am freaking out – totally.  I keep reminding myself that she is not the same baby that aspirated on formula and ended up in the ICU for months with aspirate pneumonia.  She is strong.  She is upright.  She is my ever-changing, ever fighting Bella.    (And the ER is just down the hall from where dec 12 095the Swallow Study is done in case anything goes wrong.)  Breathe, Breathe, Breathe.  No one has prescribed me a Valium yet – some days I wonder!    Anyway, we have to bring the food.  She doesn’t eat.  She has never eaten.  Although we eat in front of her and give her tastes of everything – she loves that!  I talked with the dietician as to what food to bring for her Celiac.  So here we are – potato chips (for the cracker), arrowroot cookies (for the cookie), Jell-O (for the pudding), and apple juice (for the juice).  Hopefully everything goes well and we’ll start down the path of learning to eat by mouth!

Developmental Services brought a parachute to play with on Friday – very fun!

dec 12 098dec 12 099

This is what she loves – being off the vent and in the living room!  But this 2nd picture is more what I always see – “PICK ME UP!!!!”dec 12 104dec 12 106


asiaelizabeth said...

She's so gorgeous!I love the third picture so sweet!

Lacey said...

Sending good vibes for the swallow study. Hopefully she can at least do thick stuff for now so she can start eating like a big girl! She looks so big, I can hardly believe it!

Cammie Heflin said...

She does look awesome!!! Such a cutie pie!

Heather said...

she is so amazing and yes,ever changing and blossoming and growing and that face,such a ham.A beautiful,beautiful ham!

Good luck with the swallow study.I am sure she will do great!