Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crazy Week

These two girls love each other so much!


Bella is such a happy little girl.  Caught in the bath!


Haha!   Bella got ahold of my phone!  Happy day!


Bella took two trips this week.  One to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and one to Grandma’s farm.  The trip to the farm was a nice break from the house.  She and I spent the entire time there on my Mom’s bed just sitting around and breathing.  It was 100 degrees outside where everyone else was fishing.


Our trip to PM&R  - I’m still torn about whether or not it was a total waste of time or not.  Yet another doctor to stand there and stare at her knee, then look at the x-rays, then hand us off to someone else to see, but make sure and come back in four months.We’ll see.  She wants us to go back and see ortho again.  Since I refuse to return to the first one we saw, I have to go through this whole process to see a new ortho.  (insert angry phone call)  Couple that with lots of days and nights with no nurse, and it’s been a long week.  There are times I want to wrap up my sweet girl and run far, far away.  But we will keep at it.  We are running into this idea that kids on vents don’t walk.  They ride in wheelchairs.  Well, explain that to my baby who wants her freedom.  I just need someone to fix her knee – it’s dislocates constantly.  Someone who will see pass all the equipment and believe in her like I do.  We’ll figure it out babe!

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