Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bella’s Week

Some of the many faces of Bella:


PT:  IMG_4004I want to cheer.  I want to scream!  This is my daughter, Arabella Turpin.  She is standing! Yes, my vent dependent daughter.  The PT’s hands are not touching her.  They are there for support.  She is leaning against the ball – but she is standing!  I have a couple of doctors that I would love to send this picture to.  See!!!  I told you so!!! But….that’s not nice. I still want to do it! 

We need a knee brace.  Something to support the muscles and ligaments above and below the knee.  Since I can’t get any from a doctor, I bought two elbow braces from the store.  They aren’t perfect, but they give her the sensation of support for those poor knees, and the result is magical!

Being the good Mama that I am, I actually followed the advice of the PM&R doctor and asked the orthotic to come out and measure her for AFOs (which aren’t what we need – argh!)  She came out, saw my beautiful babe working with PT, looked at the order for AFOs, and said…..she needs a knee brace.   AHHHHHH!  music to this Mama’s ears.  So she measured her for one.  I think it’s this one.  Since PM&R doesn’t think she is ready for this step (tell that to my daughter), we are going to see if her PCP will sign the order for the knee brace.  Wahoo!!!  So grateful!  And grateful that we did what we were told and went and saw the docs and followed their counsel – otherwise we won’t have known about this brace!  Yeah!

Another huge first – blowing through a horn.  Another “this should be impossible for you” moment this week!  Wahoo girl!


Playing with the fam – look at those knees – we have worked so hard on that!IMG_4012

Visitors –she is so curious about new people!  Reading with JessiIMG_4015IMG_4108IMG_4013

My beautiful Bella – determined to be her very best.  We are trying to keep up with you love!

Love ya!


Cammie Heflin said...

Way to go Bella! You show everyone what you are made of!

My name is Sarah said...

Oh yes you do get to do the happy dance with a big loud nananananananananananana. Only for us moms who knew all along is that allowed:) Bella looks wonderful!!!

Becca said...

Wow, go Bella!! That'll teach those people that think they can underestimate the will of a child, no matter what the circumstances. :-)

Lacey said...

Do you have a Shriners by you? We haven't been to them yet but I know they don't charge for anything! They would get Bella her knee braces she needs!
You are so right about the peep. Sometimes when he's awake he doesn't like the peep of 8, so I turn it down. But asleep, its magical! What peep is Bella on?