Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bella, Bella

Today we were able to talk with more nurses and learn more about Arabella’s beginnings.  The poor thing!  She was one very sick little girl.  We said good-bye to many nurses who only work weekends.  By the time next weekend rolls around, Miss Arabella will be a free woman!  One nurse in particular said with tears in her eyes, “We didn’t think this day would ever come (discharge).”  I am so grateful to all the nurses and doctors who helped our little one.  She is a strong girl.  We have been blessed with an unexpected blessing.

Jason and I were able to spend another couple hours with Arabella’s family.  We took some pictures of them holding Arabella.  I am so glad to have these.  We will put them in her room.  I wish we had similar pictures for Joy. 

The doctors and nurses have decided to not treat Arabella like a preemie anymore – meaning forcing her to wake and eat every 3 hours.  She is an older baby now.  She doesn’t want to wake up at 12 and 3 to eat anymore, she wants to sleep!  So they are going to allow her to stretch those times outjan 18 bella 3 008 a little.  She still has to take in the same amount, but if she wants to start sleeping more at night, so be it.

When we came into the NICU, she was wide awake, check it out.  She is so cute!

jan 18 bella 3 006

And just a short little video:

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