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Saturday, January 17, 2009

She is doing well

We walked in this morning and meet Dr. Vogel, another neonatologist (they have 5).  He told us that they were thinking of adding another cardio drug, but the cardiologist decided not to because she is doing so well with what she is on.  Good girl!

He also told us that they increased her to all nipple feedings.  The nurses say that I am very good at getting her to nipple all of her milk.  Today we were able to do three of her bottles and she did all of them.  I gave her all of her meds (except one) orally.  She doesn’t like her sodium chloride, we’ll have to mix that with more formula.

We spent almost two hours today with Arabella’s family.  They are really sweet and loving people.  Their daughter, Octavia, is so cute.  She has this long, wavy, brown hair and the cutest smile.  Jason hopes Arabella gets Octavia’s smile!  Octavia and I are now very good friends!  She climbed right into my lap and let me love on her.  It felt good for this Mama who is missing her babies at home so badly!

They are prepping us to go home – home as in stuck in a hotel.  I must be honest and say that is mildly terrifying!  Preemies I can do.  Babies with complete AV Canals , umm…………  The nurses are starting to train me on how to draw up her meds.  And be very careful with this one, they tell me.  It’s her cardio med and you don’t want to overdose on this one – ugh!  ( In my mind I’m screaming and running madly from the NICU, outside I’m smiling sweetly and nodding my head).

Thankfully, I am able to hold Arabella, sing to her, rock her, and feel my love for her beginning to grow.  I’ll be honest and say I’m scared of being alone in a hotel room with her.  Reading about ASD and VSD and valves of the heart is not helping, but we will get through.  Jason says I am the queen of charts, so he tells me I can do this.  She has six meds with various times of delivery!

Enough rambling, on to the good stuff, pictures!temple and arabella 2 037 temple and arabella 2 040

temple and arabella 2 041

Isn’t she just adorable?  Another baby to swaddle.  :)





And for those who understand these things and their significance to me, I found a ladybug waiting for me outside the hospital today.  Grateful for those tender mercies!  He knows I’m here.temple and arabella 2 033

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