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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crazy Day!

Today Sandi,my MIL, flew in from Iowa  to stay with the girls while Jason and I are in California picking up Arabella.  She arrived happy and willing (THANK YOU!) despite the –58 degree temperature she had to walk through at the airport and then being selected to have her bags completely and thoroughly searched (I’m sure the 60 year old Grandma from Iowa flagged some profile  :)  ).

Grandma Ball stopped by with lunch for the girls while I ran around like crazy cleaning, packing, writing out instructions, going to the vet, and loving on my girls.

Asia stopped by with clothes for Arabella.  Asia, as always, has the cutest clothes and so thoughtfully shared them with us.  Thank you Asia!  A few less things to buy.

Brother Patty very kindly took us to the airport.  We are so grateful for this service.  We wanted to leave Jason’s car at home so Sandi had the opti0n of driving a normal size car instead of the tank that I drive.

People keep asking what we need.  Well, we have all of Joy’s therapy toys.  They will be wonderful for Arabella.  We have a bassinet.  We have some swaddling blankets that were Joy’s.  I have the cute clothes that Asia gave me today.  And Asia is going to let us use her swing until baby Gideon comes along in 6 months.   I do not have any other clothes or a car seat.  (We gave them all away as Joy outgrew them.)  We will buy a car seat in California.  Arabella will need one as soon as she is discharged, so that will be taken care of, probably tomorrow.  I’ll have to pick up some bottles, diapers, and formula out here as they are immediate needs.  So I think we’ll be OK.

Can you believe this?  A new baby!  I can’t wait to meet her tomorrow!  Sleep tight Arabella.

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