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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gait Trainer and Life

A lot of catching up to do…

So very exciting!  She took right to it!  She can walk short distances.  I am so proud!March 21 003March 21 009March 21 013March 21 014March 21 046March 21 069March 21 065

Unfortunately, she started doing something funky with her legs two weeks ago.  She has started throwing her left hip forward to make her left leg move forward.  So she is on a gait trainer hiatus for a bit.  Today they came and fitted her for new AFOs and we are still trying to find the best kind of knee brace for her totally dislocated knee.  I have faith that her PT and orthotist will figure it out.

Her teacher is always trying to come up with toys so she will “play.”  There is so much of the world that she has never seen, so she doesn’t “play” the way they want her to.  For example, she took a small bowl and a little stick and told Bella she was making a cake, and then she put it under the bed.  “I’m putting it in the oven now.”  OK, totally abstract and something she has never seen.  She doesn’t eat cake.  She doesn’t help me cook.  I just shake my head.  But this hat…this she liked.  If the tongue is out that far, she’s a happy girl!

March 21 052March 21 054

OT brought over a cube chair.  Bella thought it was great!  Playing in beans – very cool!

March 21 032March 21 047

Big sister and Bella listening to music   The girls playing.

March 21 064March 21 082

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