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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bella’s Week

GI was on Monday.  Always interesting  - it’s usually a four hour deal.  I always have Brother who really isn’t interested in sitting quietly anymore.  Fun times!  But the good news is Dr. Barlow was pleased that she is starting to eat some by mouth.   I can skip her milk feeding if she will eat!!  Since she still won’t drink, I still have to do the water infusion, but we are coming along!!  (That juice box?  A fun toy.  Oh well)  She asked about when she would get a bloated, hard tummy and would hold her stool and I told her we hadn’t had any problems of late.  Darn if I didn’t jinx myself.  Oh well!




Learning to use the walker

An achievement – she learned to slide by herself!

We took the walker to school and I tried to get a picture but my phone was being crazy.  I got this one second video instead.

Bella has had a GI bug this week.  She was resting on the couch and Joy decided to bring her a “couch picnic.” (Daniel Tiger reference)  I thought it was very sweet.


Posted this on Facebook about Bella’s turn with the GI bug:

**Warning - might be somewhat graphic to some people***
I LOVE g-tubes!! I have four down with the stomach bug. That's a lot of cleaning. Love that when I hear those particular sounds coming from my tubie girl that I can grab her extension and drain her tummy quickly. Ahh, beautiful stomach contents sitting safely in a bowl and not all over the couch/rug/floor/me like her siblings keep doing.
And pedialyte goes into the body so easily through a tube. Unlike a little someone I know who keeps turning his nose up at it!
Seriously, why doesn't everyone have a g-tube??!! Motherhood made easy!

That jinx I mentioned earlier??  Well, with the GI bug, I didn’t want to give Bella her laxatives (she is on some serious does).  I figured she didn’t need them.  She was throwing up, right?  Well, she went four days without stooling and turned back into my ER worthy girl.  She was screaming, her eyes looked like a woman possessed, she was struggling so hard her respiratory status was compromised.  So grateful I know how to handle it all here!  Poor baby!

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