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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pneumonia breathing

It all started with the viral junk going around.  It was cold here and everyone had leaky noses- her family, her class.  I debated with myself every day if it was too cold outside to go to school.  If her classmates were too viral-y.  I kept her home two days of the week, but she still caught it.  So she rested and watched Daniel Tiger, her fav.  But she didn't get better.  I figured we had gone into pneumonia again.  Her stats started dropping.  She hit the magic 89 and I got my nasal cannula out.  The next day I headed to the little ER twenty minutes away.  After a chest x-ray, he agreed with my diagnosis.  I insisted I could handle this at home.  He gave me a script and we went home.  Yeah!! I even texted my friend two hour ER visit- a new record!!  The rest of the weekend was terrible.  Hardly ever leaving her room, turning up the oxygen higher and higher.  Watching her work so hard to breathe, just inhale and exhale.  Watching the monitor all night.  Mid 80s staring at me in spite of all of my tricks.  Tuesday morning Jason and I decided we couldn't wait any longer and took her downtown.  I packed a bag and said my goodbyes to the girls. We all knew what this meant.  Made it to the ER in an hour and a half.  Straight into triage, straight into trauma room B, no discussion just admittance.  Up to the pulmonary floor.  Twice they have threatened to kick us up to PCU. Meanwhile she breathes.  Through her mouth, pulling every breathe.  She fights and panics whenever anyone comes near.  High flow on eight liters?  Epic fail. Back to the face mask on six liters, which means no sleep for Mama because she won't keep it on unless she's seriously asleep.  Chest x-ray shows pneumonia is much worse.  Deep Suctioning- torture!  Hang in there my brave fighter!! Keep fighting!

They call this see-saw breathing, and it's not good.

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