Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

Today we went down to our follow-up appointment with Dr. Louis.  She is our new doctor in the Special Needs Clinic.  As I was told, she is wonderful!  I love how she listened to me.  We spent a lot of time going over her medical history.  We got a million new prescriptions to fill for next month.  Bella had a CBG and Chem 7 done.  We were there three hours. 

But it’s little things like going to the doctor’s that are such big deals.  We travel by ambulance.  I call and sent up a time for the Ambulance company to come and pick us up, then we spend hours getting all the equipment, meds, papers, and general stuff ready.  ( I am assured that it’ll get easier to pack up and go – time is a great teacher. )  It is nice, though.  My hour to hour and a half  commute to Texas Children’s Hospital is reduced to forty minutes when you are in an ambulance!  :)  I am surrounded by one EMT, one paramedic, and one RN.  This girl is in good hands. 

My poor neighbor, though.  He was coming down the street and saw the ambulance.  He hastily parks his truck, and comes running up our driveway as we are coming down on the gurney.  I quickly reassure him – this is how we roll!  Poor guy!  He thought she had tanked already.  No, no.  Bella is doing well.  Jack, you have a heart of gold! 

Bella is doing well.  Everyone is hoping….and crossing their fingers…..and knocking on wood….and praying  that she stays well.  We love ya little one!

Michelle asked about church – she doesn’t go.  When she can travel by car and people can be around her without being covered in sanitizer, then we’ll think about it!  ;)


Shasta said...

Jack does have a heart of gold. I can see him running down this street in his khaki shorts and loafers checking on you. We are now praying for Arabella to breath on her own some day :)

Lacey said...

I wonder when they will let you go by car. I have a friend whose baby just got trached and vented, and they take her by car. Do they go with the lights on? I think she will be home for a while now. She knows momma needs a break. Give that baby a kiss for me and Jaxson

Anonymous said...

I am they have a friend named Michelle too...duh! :) I was wondering if church would ever be an option since dr.'s appt's require and ambulence. I imagine church would be chaotic right now, but it will get there! One day at a time, one step at a time...just glad Bella is HOME! Glad she is in her own room and you guys are a family again...just as it should be! We did church without P for 8 long months, so I know the juggling act it takes...and I was primary music director...maddness! :)

Jeana said...

Wow, you are an amazing mother, so brave. I'm glad she's doing well. Keep up the good work Bella.