Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Friday, July 3, 2009

No Worries

We had a very busy day yesterday and I didn’t have time to post. Sorry.  Bella is well. 

july 3 001I had my home vent training.  The medical supply company will deliver our boxes and boxes of supplies either Saturday or Monday!!  The dietician sat down with me to explain how to mix up her strange diet.  :)  She had OT and PT in the morning.  Here she is doing her best to sleep through OT.  :)


july 3 003Bella had her MRI.  Normally she comes out of sedation happy and smiling.  They used a gas to sedate her this time, and while she went under quickly, she did not wake up happy.  She fussed and cried.  She even spit up and with a fundo that’s pretty significant.   Jessi sang and sang to her – very sweet!


But what really kept us busy was my sister broke her femur on Wednesday night.  They went to the local ER, and were then transported down here to TCH.  Mandy had to have surgery to put a pin in her bone.  While she was waiting during the 3 hour surgery, my Mom came up and visited with Bella.  Here are Jessi and Mandy after the surgery.

july 3 002july 3 005 

That brings us to today.  This morning I brought up the car seat.  She needs a car seat test to get out of here – just like the NICU.  Considering she can sit in her tumble form chair for an hour and do well, the car seat test will be fine.  PT does the car seat tests and they are off until Monday.  So that will be our last thing on Monday to do before our checklist will be complete – yeah!

july 3 012

This morning after her bath and care.   She just loves her kisses during bath time.   :)   I thought we would try a head wrap.  They are still a bit big on her.  That is one finding of the MRI – small head.  She isn’t disproportional, she’s just a little thing.  But her biological mother and sister have petite frames, so I’m not worried.  The MRI showed no abnormalities that would account for the eye movements.  So I’m expecting the eye doctors to simply say, “we’ll watch it.”  One more thing to follow up with outpatient.  We’ll see for sure on Monday when everyone comes back to work.   We will lose our PICC line today.  The doctor has also increased her corn oil – they want her to grow, grow, grow!  Her sildenafil has also been increased.  Still looking for Tuesday!


Lacey said...

Jax has a little head to, or microcephaly. How in the world did your sister break her femur? Ouch, I hear that is so painful. I can't wait for Tuesday, its like I'm bringing home my baby, I'm so excited.

My name is Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, how did your sister break her leg. OUCHIE! Praying she will recover very quickly.
Great news on Miss Bella, getting out of the hospital is a good thing, we just got out yesterday!
Have a wonderful holiday and please stop by soon and say hello :)
Blessings :)

Heather said...

Zoey is part of the tiny head club as well!Bella is in good company.Everything seems to be going as planned,better than planned and we couldn't be happier for you all.We are rejoicing here in California and saying our prayers for you all as you begin the final preparations for going home!