Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Day at TCH

Bella continues to vomit, although she is feeling better.  She looks good.  She has energy again.  She is playing.  She is beautiful.  But….she is vomiting and there is old, dried blood in it.  This worries me – a lot.  So for the 2nd time this week, Bella headed to TCH.

We had an interesting experience in the waiting room of the Special Needs Clinic.  We arrived a little early and were waiting .  A mother and her baby came out of a clinic.  This baby was so cute!  All of us (me, the nurse, and the EMT) were oohhing and aahing.  He was smiling and loving his Mama.  She must have heard us and looked up.  We are kinda hard to miss.  Our entourage is somewhat impressive.  Bella and all of her equipment on a gurney surrounded by four adults.  She looked up and said, “You don’t know me, but I read your blog.” What?  She quickly explained that she goes to church with my friend Dallas.  Oh!  What a small world we live in!  She came over and said hi to Bella and even noticed Ladybug.  :)Melissa, that little guy is just too cute!  Thanks for saying hi!

After some talking and examining, the doctor ordered an abdominal ultrasound.  Everything checks out there.  Even her liver, though large, looks good.  They looked at her spleen, gallbladder, kidneys, everything.  So they put her on an anti-nausea medicine.  It is Zofran – an anti-nausea  med that they give to people on chemo.   We are going to slowly work back up to normal feeds and see how it goes.  If the vomiting does not stop, she will have to be admitted for further testing – more invasive testing.  Ugh – get better sweet love.

Other than the vomiting, she looks great!  I was walking around, showing her doctor and nurses her x-ray from Wednesday.  She has never had such a good x-ray – ever.  Some people show off their kid’s pictures, I show off x-rays.  :)  I truly believe that the GJ button is the reason her lungs are so happy.  We aren’t aspirating every other second.  Her lungs can do their job.

Here is a video Jason made of our happy girl when we got home tonight.  She doesn’t look sick, does she?

Pictures with Joy and Sammi from yesterday.  They love Bell so much!

sept 11 023 sept 11 026

Feel free to skip this last bit.  I use this blog for many reasons.  Primarily to communicate with Bella’s family and friends, but also to store some medical information.  Lately, this is how Bella breathes when off the vent and sleepy – she sounds like a kid that has been crying for a really long time.  Something to ponder.  I’m afraid without the vent forcing her to breathe, she might have sleep apnea.  When she is really tired, she barely breathes over the vent.  RR in the 20s.


Melissa said...

Thanks Shelly for letting me meet your beautiful Bella, and for not being creep-ed out by a stranger approaching you. I worried all the way home that maybe I over stepped the boundaries. I do enjoy your blog! You have a fantastic family and are so lucky. I can see and feel the love your family has through your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Lacey said...

Hopefully this is just a bug and not something more. Did they do any stool samples to check for tummy bugs? She is getting so big. She's getting a cute personality. We may have to make our way to Texas someday. I want to get my hands on that girl.

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Despite the tiny setback here and there, Bella looks FABULOUS!!! I so enjoyed reading about your meeting a fellow blogger in the ER. That's classic for our medically fragile community. Now onto the vomiting. Sarah did that so much as a baby I covered her bedroom floor with vinyl table clothes depending on the season or holiday(cheap at Michaels or Joann Fabrics) We could never get a handle on why it was happening and it too was often tinged with blood. So frustrating I know. I sure hope they can come up with something for you.

Shelly, you left a comment after our ordeal at the Ohio State game asking if I ever really get used to it. I can honestly say that it just doesn't bother me anymore. I think with experience and I have lived through three episodes where her airway did completely close and I had to perform rescue breathing until 911 arrived, but each of those times a complete calm came over me and I just handled it. Of course afterwards my knees started shaking, but in the moment I believe I must have been guided by a higher power. I think too by this age, I am at peace with each and everyday being a complete blessing and if today is the last then I am thankful for twenty amazing years.

Blarney Girl said...

Yea!! Two of my favorite people got to meet!! Too bad it had to be at TCH!!

Heather said...

I agree with Joyce,Bella looks fabulous despite everything she has gone through and continues to go through.I think you all are doing such an amazing job.I love seeing the girls with Bella.Their love for her shines so brightly in each and every picture.Hoping and praying you steer clear of TCH.

Unknown said...

What a great video of her smiles! She is a true beauty! Hope she stops throwing up so much and you guys can have some peace and quiet for a while! Peace and quiet, what exactly is that...right??! Love and prayers to you guys!

Lizabeth said...

Such a beautiful girl!! I need to come and meet her in person. You have such a wonderful family. Gabe said he played with Jessie today and was thrilled. Hope you are having a good night with your baby girl(s). xoxo Lizabeth