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Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 Weeks at TCH

It has now been two weeks since we came to Texas Children's Hospital.  We came in because she was breathing fast,  looked pale, and was more lethargic .  We started on the 15th floor and soon made our way down to the PICU.  A couple of days ago we made it back to the 15th floor.  There is less c0verage on 15 but it generally means the child is doing better.

Well Miss Bella is charting her own course through the system here.  The doctors have plans and her parents have plans but Bella seems to want to chart her own course.

Miss Bella is breathing faster again,  not nearly as fast as two weeks ago but fast enough that they have done another chest x-ray.  We should hear back soon on that and then we will know if they will do some extra diuretics or if she may have to go back down to the PICU so she can have more attention from the medical staff here.

Bella, Bella, Bella!

You need to get better so y0u can have your surgery and get healthy to stay out of these Hospitals.


They are going to give her a new diuretic.  it is called Edecrin.  It is supposed to be a little more powerful.  The doctor says that she seems to not respond real well to diuretics.   That makes sense to me as she was on diuretics when at home and they just were not working real well for her.

Miss Bella is also going back to ng tube feedings as she has been regurgitating a couple of times today.

On a positive note he was comparing the chest x-ray from today with one from the 16th of Feb.  The x-ray on the 16th showed a spot of pneumonia in the right lung.  The x-ray from today shows that has cleared.  Yay, Bella!

We still plan to have the surgical team start working on a plan starting tomorrow and we will see where she goes from there.

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