Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

But Mama, You Said It Was Going To Be Good News………..

This was Sammi’s reaction to Bella’s latest development.

Let’s rewind a little.  On Sunday, I promised them that we would have good news on Monday.  Either they would schedule surgery and then this would all end or they would decide she needed to wait and we would go home.  Instead, Bella got sick, so neither happened.  Consequently, Sam was disappointed and I was made a liar.  I am sorry babe.

The kids are troopers.  I have been out of commission for 5 weeks total.  And they are keepin’ on.  Rachel White has been a god send!  They do their school in the morning and play in the afternoon.   She has taken them on bike rides and to the library.  Joy loves her.  Thank you Rachel!  I miss my kids!  Badly.  Terribly.  Horribly.  Crying.

Today has been a blessing, though.  My good friend, Krystal, called me.  We talk about Bella.  She offers help.  We talk about church and responsibilities there.  I love it.

My good friend, Lynn, called me.  My good friend Lynn is dying, so she doesn’t waste words.  She says what she means and means what she says.  She reminded me that Heavenly Father is personally aware of everything we are going through right now.  She reassured me that angels are guarding my children right now.  She told me that we will get through this –they will not be permanently scarred.  And when things are terrible, to remember that Christ descended below it all.  He paid for our sins, but He also knows how we feel.  When things are bad, reach out to him.  She also reminded me that my girls are growing in Christ right now.  She used Sammi as an example.  Sammi stood and bore her testimony in Sacrament Meeting (our main meeting at Church) about Arabella, about prayer and fasting, and about priesthood blessings.

Then my new friend, Emily Kikuchi, fellow heart Mama, had a cardiology appointment today and brought me up a package.  shampoo!  conditioner!  food!  yummy!  cute things for Bella!  I am living off the things my Mom bought for me and now the things Emily supplemented me with.  Thank you!bella feb 24 002

I am grateful for friends.  I am grateful that our Father in Heaven can work through others to lift and support us.  My gratitude has no words.  Thank you ladies!

I gave Bella a spit bath today.  She is still at 103 with medication, so we were hoping besides being clean, the bath would help her temp.  I am sorry, but I had to take that picture!  :)  It’s a mother’s prerogative!  :)  Not to worry, I did her hair after the picture.  :)bella feb 24 003

Because she doesn’t feel well, Bella wants to be with me, and be held by me, and to whine.  Here she is, that khaki thing is my leg.  Not to worry, I have added a pillow under her since the picture was taken to keep her head elevated.

bella feb 24 001


Anonymous said...

I love the it love it love it...I am amazed by the outpouring of love to your family. You are safely in the arms of the Lord and right now there is one set of footprints in the sand, they are His. and that is okay!

Ann RN SMMC said...

We all had a giggle over Bella after her bath. We like the close up pics where we can see her face. Give her kisses for us (and eat something). Ann and Mo and Susan and Armida and the rest at SMMC

Blarney Girl said...

Love the hair! :D