Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Friday, February 20, 2009


The cardiologist has ordered another echo.  Her right ventricle is enlarged and the left ventricle is kinda squashed.  They felt this was different from her echos in California.  So they want to do another one and see if that was because she was sick or if that is where she is now.

Last night Bella had to be put back on flow.  She is not on oxygen.  She is on room air, but it is pushed through her nasal cannula – very similar to Jason’s c-pap machine.  This keeps her at an acceptable level of saturation.  They have asked an ENT to come and look and make sure there are no obstructions in her airway just as a precaution.

She will be presented to the surgeons on Monday.  Then hopefully she will be assigned to a surgeon and get a surgical date.

They really want to get an understanding of her pulmonary hypertension.  It will make her recovery so much harder.  So they want to understand it.  The exact word they are using to describe her predicted recovery is “rocky.”  Encouraging, huh?

The ENT has come and gone.  She is not obstructed.  She does have some swelling that is indicative of reflux.  So he’s recommending some reflux medication.

And on a selfish note, a coffee cart came down the hall.  I got a sandwich – yeah!

Arabella has had a busy hour.  She had an evaluation with the OT as she ate all 60 cc’s of her dinner.  The OT left  and the mobile echo came to see us.  They came to us because we are currently quarantined with droplet and coverlet protection.  That is nicer than having to go to them.  As soon as the Radiology tech was set up and ready to go, Bella decided to choke and vomit.  I cleaned all that up and we had our echo.  Results as I get them…….

And for those interested.  Arabella is 3 months 2 weeks old today and weighs 8.5 pounds!


My name is Sarah said...

We are thinking of you.

Claudia said...

You guys are really on a rocky road. My babygirl suffered from pulmonary hypertension as well and she also got Viagra as medication, which was here in Germany called Sildenafil if it was used in that way. I always found it strange to have medication with two names, depending on what they were used. Anyways, you are in my thoughts and, as I said last time, again - you are all amazing. Thank god there are people like you on this planet.


Claudia said...

I forgot to mention this German site with some information in english, maybe it gives you som help?

Take care,

Caleb T Ricks said...

Shell, I am glad that she seems to be feeling a little better at least even if they still have to have her on a machine. Be sure to take care of yourself! Love ya lots.