Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hoping for tomorrow!!

Good news – looks like we are going home tomorrow!!

Bad news – looks like her heart would like some more attention.  She is having regurgitation in her her mitral and tricuspid valves.  The mitral valve is more worrisome to us right now because it can cause increased pressures in the lungs.  And with pulmonary hypertension, we don’t need any more pressure there.  Oh well.  It’s another medication and more monitoring.

She lost her IV access (no surprise there.  I was shocked she kept it for 2 1/2 days!) so they had to decide.  Is she staying awhile, then re-stick her and get access or going home, change her meds to PO.   Home won!  So assuming all continues to go well, we should be home for the first day of school!

She isn’t all smiles.  She is uncomfortable and fussy more than usual.  I think it’s either digestion or the site of her GJ tube.  The stoma (hole) had to get bigger to go from the G to the GJ tube.  It’s pretty red and there’s still a little blood when I clean it.  I’m hoping that’ll heal quickly.

Jason and the kids came up last night to bring me more clothes and food.  They love the distraction station – and Bella loved listening to their noise.  :)august 20 002

Bella during OT:august 20 009


Heather said...

And who would be smiling?Certainly not me.But knowing Bella,she'll be handing out those smiles by the buckets full before too long.Darn valve leakage .. sometimes these repairs need a tweeking,which is such a bummer but common.Glad home is on the horizon.That will make everyone smile!Prayers continue here.

Junior said...

yeah for home, keeping you all in our prayers

Unknown said...

Glad you'll be home for the girls' first day of school.I think everyone wants to be at home, especially Bella...hopefully she'll start dishing out those smiles once she knows she's homeward bound. Hang in there Shelly, the blessings are always there as I am sure you know!

Lacey said...

Yeah for home. Make sure they send you with some good stuff to put on that GJ tube site. They should have some ideas.