Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A little bit sleepy

Bella and I are a little sleepy today, but we spent all night in the ER, so what did we expect?  Nothing major, no worries.

The balloon that holds her g-button in place burst and out it popped.  We had no spare on hand because that was her spare!  That’s the third time it’s popped out in a little over a week.

Since the stoma closes up so quickly, the doc said we needed to get down to the hospital and get a new one placed.  So the ambulance was called and we left.  My sweet kids see way too many paramedics and EMTs!

They had to stretch out her stoma and then finally were able to re-insert the button –yeah.  We had another contrast study done to make sure we were in the right place.  I’m glad they do those, but on the other hand, they have to lay her flat to do them.  They insert the contrast and she refluxes.  She was coughing and choking by the time we got back to the room – and then she vomited.  Her fundo is not working.  Gotta figure out what to do about that.  We are trying to get a wedge or something to put in her bed, so that she’ll always be at the right angle – our blanket creations only work so well.

We are home and Bella was a champ through the whole thing!


Shari said...

Poor Bella! I am glad she's OK though. For reflux a Nap Nanny is wonderful! I know it's spendy but it is a wedge you can put babies or older kids in that have severe reflux. It's I am praying for Bella daily.

Cindy H said...

My Niece's g button would not stay in well either. The drs & ny sister and brother in law were atually thinking they were defective as often as it had problems and came out. If you would like to ask them if it is the same brand I can. They were looking into the whole lot number stuff and got the manufacturer to send them replacements. They had to pay for each and they were expensive! They were so happy when she no longer needed it.

Caleb T Ricks said...

I am sorry that you had to spend another night at the hospital. At least you got to come home!