Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Overheard this conversation between my 6 year old and her  friend.

“What is that noise?” Friend asks looking around with big eyes.

“Oh!” replies my 6 year old, oh so nonchanlantly.  “She’s being suctioned.  It means that gunk is getting out of her lungs.”

“Oh.”  And back to their play.

Sometimes our normal cracks me up.  :)  I wonder if her five year old almost Kindergarten friend even knows what lungs are.  :)

I had to report on two things.  First, please pray for Zoey.  Cancer is an ugly 6 letter word.  I so, so, so hope she hasn’t relapsed.

The second is good news.  Our OT way here yesterday.  All of the financial arrangements have finally been made and Bella is approved for OT three times a week and PT two times a week.  Yeah.  Our OT almost skipped out of here yesterday!  She is so impressed with our sweet girl.  She turned to me and said, “She has so much potential!”  I beamed!  My heart swelled with pride!  I know – I have big plans for our girl. 

We love ya sweet Bell!


Caleb T Ricks said...

Lizzy is funny - good thing she can explain so easily! GLad that the OT/PT funding has come through! Any word on CA?

Lacey said...

Of course you have big plans for that girl. She is going to do great things. I wonder the same thing about our lives. Our other kids know way to much medical garb.

OPA said...

It is interesting that as Bella's Paternal Grandfather, I am so interested to follow her progress, but I also have become acquainted with Jaxon, Zoey and others through this blog. I just love these special children, and pray for their progress and growth. It is heartrendering when one takes a setback. We will pray for Zoey.

mommapainter said...

Happy day! Bella is amazing and so is her family.

Junior said...

Oh yes, our normal is so different and I hear those conversations from my niece also.
So happy to hear the good news about OT, goooo Bella.

Lacey said...

Didn't you say Bella was at Texas Childrens? Is that were the surgeon is? Because a little boy from here just went there for a heart/lung transplant, but he passed away before he could get it.

Heather said...

Normal?What is normal?This is a new normal as I like to call it.Changes sometimes daily too!You should be so very,very proud.Bella is bursting with potential!Thank you for the prayers .... they did the trick.