Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sweet Bella

aug 15 011

We LOVE that she can be off the ventilator some every day now. We put on the HME and she could be in the picture in the living room – yeah for small victories!

aug 15 020 Silly girl – when she sleeps, she totally spreads out. Remind me never to sleep with her when she’s older. I have a feeling she’s gonna be a kicker! :)

aug 15 022 OT – she is doing well, but it wears her out. She is exhausted for a few hours after OT. I also find it very interesting- The therapist stimulates her nerves and deep tissues and her nystamus has increased significantly. Not just a little, but a very marked increase – only during and right after therapy. Hmmm….

Sweet Bella. Last night’s nurse hadn’t been here in about a week and he wasn’t pleased. She has so many more secretions. She is working harder to breathe. She is a little puffy in her face. She is sating well, but her heart rate is a little elevated. Her tummy is a little distended. Praying that it's not her liver - or anything for that matter. We’ll see. We go and see her doctor and cardiologist Friday.


CYNDI said...

I love the girls picture!

Junior said...

Love the pics, so sweet

Prayers that everything is fine at the upcoming appts.

Heather said...

Prayers for all good things ... she just is keeping you guys on your toes least you get too,too comfortable!

mommapainter said...

She is so cute! Tell me more about "nystamus" and why the pt helps with that. Starlee slepp like that and takes up so much space. Funny...