Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting Free

Today Bell’s central line was removed.

After a while, they removed her last chest drain.

She is off her milrinone.

Yay!  Good progress.

They took off the tape off of her chest incision.  That looks really good.

march 16 001

I was able to hold her for one and a half hours!!  She and I liked that!  She ate her 50 cc’s in 9 minutes.  She wasn’t satisfied, but she was glad to eat!  Way to go big girl!

Bella just had an ultrasound of her upper right arm and chest.  They are trying to rule out a blood clot. 

They are hoping to wean the nitric oxide soon.  They are hoping to kick us out of ICU on Wednesday.


Ann RN SMMC said...

Wow, she really seems to be on the road to recovery! Don't mention leaving ICU in front of Bella....

Claudia said...

Good to read, good to see!
Fingers crossed for recovery going on so re nearly there, back home again-pretty soon!


Shasta said...

Yippy skippy I am so excited for you guys/gals. She looks beautiful! Her incision looks great too! Missed you at Time OUt for Women this weeknd:( I will wear some green tomorrow for good luck to get out the hospital ASAP!

Baileybuds said...

Bella looks SO great! I'm sure it was so sweet to just cuddle together!