Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not Much Change Today

They turned the vent down to 25 breathes a minutes (from 28) and she is making up the difference to around 40.  She still doesn’t like it when they take away her NO.  She is waking up more and more and does not like that tube at the back of her throat.  :)  I, of course, explain to her that it’s simple to get rid of it.  Just get off the vent.  Easier said than done.

She is becoming more and more like herself  and staring at people ass they come to work on her.  Welcome back sweet girl!

I’ve talked with Dr Salazaar.  He is pleased with how her heart is doing right now.  She is taking a little longer than he expected, but she is improving.  I also found out that her left lung is collapsed, so they are working with that as well.

The doctors just rounded and it’s official.  Bella will extubate (eventually and when she’s ready) to nasal NO.  image What does that mean, Shelly?  That means she will eventually, when she’s ready, get off of the ventilator and have those tubes that sit on her face and have little prongs that fit into her nose which will give her a steady flow of nitric oxide .  Then I can hold her again!  I’ve also wondered how we are going to teach Joy not to touch Bella’s tubing!  :)  A problem I will deal with later. (memories of Gone With The Wind anyone?)

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Anonymous said...

Man getting off this vent sounds like potty training...slow and steady wins the race...When we drove past TCH last night we explained to Christopher that is where Bella is. He wants to see her "But mom I want to hold her". She definitly has a little friend already!