Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Bella is now 4 months old – and what a 4 month journey she has had.  May your next 4 months be wonderful and sweet my love!march 6 007

The three babies around us are leaving the floor, we are not for a while.  Yesterday they were talking to extubate on Saturday, now it’s Sunday or Monday.

We are back to our familiar territory – oxygen saturation and dieresis.  Her lungs are wet.  Over night she kept de-sating, so they increased her PEEP – that’s the pressure that comes at the end of the breathe from the ventilator.  Seems to have helped.  They  have increased her lasix again and are using another diuretic.  They want her to be –100 today.  She is starting to get really puffy.  They are delicately decreasing her NO (nitric oxide) and increasing her sildenafil, since they do the same thing and they want her off the ventilator eventually.  They did take out one of her chest tubes since she’s not draining some much blood anymore.

So a small step backward, but hopefully she’ll drain a lot of this fluid and feel more comfortable soon.

Just pictures:

march 6 001 her ventilator and pain meds





Then her med tower – got pictures of both sides  - glad I don’t have to keep track of all of those

march 6 003march 6 004


Heather said...

This looks all too familiar.But like Zoey,before you know it,one by one a pump will disappear and you will know for certain that you or rather that darling little Arabella,will be on her way!We will pray for you all,your beautiful family and most especially your tiny fighter as she continues this road ahead.She is strong and resilient and will weather the bumps and show you how determined she is to get home to the loving arms of her family.

Shasta said...

She is a walking pharmacy..okay maybe not walking but "mobile" one at best. Glad to know she is such great hands! I was just thinking someone is going to have to teach Arabella what a butterfly kiss is..that will be fun!

CYNDI said...

Wow! Thank goodness for hospitals! Can I come visit you next week? I get in on thurs night. I would be holding my breath if I were you. I know she and your whole family are in God's hands.