Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Three Hour Tour (from Gilligan’s Island)

That’s how I feel about this hospital stay.  I honestly felt when we came to the ER on February 8th that we would be here a couple of hours, maybe a day, though I had been warned otherwise.  Nurse Ann and my friend Lynn had said that she might be admitted, but I didn’t think they had meant for this long!  Oh well.  It is finished – and I am so thankful. 

Her heart has been repaired.  The doctors are positive that with time she won’t need the oxygen or the feeding support.  They feel her pulmonary hypertension will improve.  What a blessing!  And in my quiet moments, I no longer plan her funeral, but think of her life and all the wonderful things she will do!

I am grateful for many things.  I am grateful I live in Houston.  I have meet many families who are from out of town.  They live in hotels or the Ronald McDonald House.  (They are my favorite charity right now!  They have 2 houses here in the hospital and then a big house down Holcombe.  I truly appreciate what they do for the families of sick children.)  I am grateful that Bella’s condition was correctable – I have seen so many very, very sick children here.  I have complained several times about this being a teaching hospital, but there are so many good people that work here.  I am grateful for their care of our baby.  I am grateful for my church family who have brought meals into my family for these seven weeks.  I am grateful that Asia and my Mom took the kids when we ran off to the ER in such a hurry.   I am grateful for Rachel who watched and loved my children.  I am grateful to Marissa for the weeks and weeks of babysitting.  How can I thank you enough?  I am grateful for those who snuck into my house and cleaned (how embarrassing!  ;)  ) – thank you for your kindness.  I am thankful for those of you that have encouraged me along the way, with food (Emily and Laura B.), visits (Krystal, Debbie and Linda), emails(so many new cyber friends), rides for my Becca to and from school and church, and things I’m sure happened that I don’t even know about.  Most of all I thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts.  Jason and I talked one night about how you hear people say that they can feel the prayers of others.  We know we have.   We know that without those prayers, we would never have made it through.  Thank you.  I am thankful for my husband and all of his support.  He has had to bear the brunt of the emergency bathroom remodel and life for our family.  He is a dear, kind man and I’m grateful to be his wife.  I am grateful for my kids.  They have been through a lot.  I am grateful that they just keep on going.   I am thankful for Bella’s birth parents for blessing us with this sweet, wonderful child.  She is a miracle child and we are so blessed to have her.  I am thankful for Bella.  She amazes me with her strength.  To have her stare into your eyes is magic!  I am thankful to my Heavenly Father.  I was struck by this phrase the other day, “having power given them to do all things by faith.” (2 Ne. 1:10)  We have felt that power – and what a wonderful gift. 

In my inadequate way, thank you everyone for everything!


Caleb T Ricks said...

I have learned a lot during this experience with Bella and the many blogs I have visited who are experiencing similar things. What a loving Father in Heaven we have who listens repeatedly to our cries for help and lovingly answers with little miracles one after another. I am so grateful for those prayers that have helped you and how my prayers for Bella have strengthen my testimony and knowledge of our Heavenly Father.

mommapainter said...

Your home! I just wanted you to know that all of your blog followers and friends are still here. We're addicts now and can't go on with our day until we know about hers. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. You are a wonderful example for us all. We love you and all your sweet girls and look forward to seeing Bella grow. Krystal

OPA said...


What a great testimony you have. Your thankfulness is without parallel. We too are thankful for this special little spirit that has been entrusted to you and Jason, and I look forward to meeting her. She is my only grandchild I have not yet held. I can not wait to have her eyes pierce my soul. I am thankful for you as my only Turpin daughter and the wonderful wife you are to my son and mother to my Turpin Grandchildren.

Welcome Home !!!!!


Kristin said...

I'm glad your 3-hour tour has come to an end! I enjoyed reading your post--I love gratitude posts. They make me more grateful, too. Welcome HOME!!!

asiaelizabeth said...

I dont feel like any of us deserve or need thanks. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve I wish I could have done more. We are your family and friends and this is what we are meant to do as such. Thank you.

Marissa Sutherland said...

I am SO happy for your family that you are all reunited! I heartily agree with Asia... we are family and friends, and we band together in these times of need. The Lord tells us to comfort those that stand in need of comfort!

Thank you for the opportunity to not just be the Aunt of your children, but also to get to know them better and become their friend. They were constantly amazed at the many idiosyncrasies I share with their father! I also can't wait to see Miss Bella again! She really does have a piercing stare! I also know that the emotional healing will begin, and that as the girls get to know Bella, they will come to realize that their sacrifice was worth the reward. What an amazing lesson they have learned at such a young age. Becca wrote a poem about what the word family means! Ask her about it... it shows that she really does understand the importance of all the sacrifices your family has made.

Thanks again for your example, strength, and love! I have learned a lot. We are always here for you... and I agree with Krystal - what will I do without a daily fix of what is happening in Bella's life as told through her blog? Sammi the photographer needs to keep us up to date with the plethora of pictures she is taking of that baby!