Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Monday, March 9, 2009


We have had an echo to check her right heart pressures.  They are high.  She now has a fever.  Happily, she is opening her eyes more and more.  I find I talk to her more with her eyes open.

Talked with the attending cardiologist and she says to expect to be here another month.  For those of you that have been here, what do you do with your other children?  How do you keep their lives going?  thank you for sharing with me.  I need it and I appreciate it.  There’s nothing quite like “I’ve been there.  You will survive.”


Caleb T Ricks said...

another month? really? in the ICU?

CYNDI said...

I haven't been there, but.. You will survive. God is in the details, he cares about your girls and their everyday. He will help you figure it out.

debra said...

Another month? Should we sit down this weekend and try to figure something out? I can't leave the farm with new chicks that need to be checked twice a day and a new puppy not counting the other animals but could we, I don't know but maybe if we set down and talk about it, something will come to light. Donna, Cyndi, Asia and I are all going to TOW on Saturday but maybe we could come over afterwards - it ends about 4 and talk. What about that? Mama

Marissa Sutherland said...

Hugs! I know that trying to plan for the "un"plannable is so stressful. I am still here and available, and more than happy to continue to help in any way that you need me.

Heather said...

The love of family and friends will see you through this.We have spent so much of zoey's little life in crisis but with God's grace and surrounded by people who love us,you too will find your way through this and before you know it it will be distant memory.We have 5 others,3 older but still needing me and we just dig deep and ACCEPT help!That was a big one for me.I am the doer for people not the accepter but I had to and in light of our lives right now,I continue to be,reluctantly,accepting help..Fight on Mom,one foot in front of the other and you all will find home before you know it.

Claudia said...

We have been 7 weeks in different hospitals, but had no other kids. Before we started I could never imagine to be 3 weeks in a row in a hospital. I always tried to avoid thinking in long distances. I always tried to think like "ok, hopefully in 3 days Mia will be off the vent" and next "ok, hopefully Mia will be in 3 days off the other vent" (the lighter version I guess Arabella is on by now as well, and then "maybe 3 or 4 days more in the PICU unit."

Also, maybe it would help you not to worry to make a plan? I guess there are so many people offering help, and when they ask you just don`t know what they could do. Like making a plan about who could do some laundry, dinner, playtime for the others on which day...and then send it around maybe?

I send you some good thoughts and feelings for today. Arabella looks great for 1 week post-op.